BOOGIEBLAST Network started in early march 2002 to create a network and exchange platform for artists and promoters of the urban music scene. Since then we allready had artists on tour and organized some events by ourselves. The list of members is constantly getting longer, so if you think you could be helpfull as an artist, promoter, reseller, distributor, designer, whatever, just drop us a line and we’ll try to hook you up. The BOOGIEBLAST Network office is based in Augsburg (Germany), but there are also some international contacts. Some of us have been active on both sides, music and bizness, since the late 80ies. By building up a worldwide non-profit network we are different to others of our kind and could be helpfull in many different ways, like promoting your productions, help with distributing your stuff, book shows, and so on. Our main goal is to connect artists, promoters and bizness-partners from allover the globe by building a network and helping out each other to keep urban artforms alive.