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Snowgoons Bonus CD for free

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Here’s a little present from our friends Snoowgoons.
Their debut album German Lugers is still in stores.

Bonus CD Download

-> Now the link works!


Jus Allah

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Jus AllahJus Allah (Jedi Mind Tricks) from New Jersey met Vinnie Paz and Stoupe in 1999 to complete the group Jedi Mind Tricks. With his deep lyrics he did his part to make "Violent By Design" the second album of JMT a underground classic. Different opinions lead to a split of Jus Allah and Vinnie Paz, but the possibility to record another Jedi Mind Tricks album is not gone. In 2002 Jus published his often misunderstood solo 12” called "White Nightmare" in which he merely shows the picture of a young black man from the view of the white mass. This message hit the pain of this time hard and left a bitter however true aftertaste. After two other releases on the "Era Of The Titans" sampler a new and efficient 12” followed again in 2005. Fans of JMT like "GOD"and "Supreme" both produced by Agallah The Don Bishop. With his first album "All Fates Have Changed" he serves the fans and proves that Jus Allah is absolutely able to showcase his potential on a full album. Nevertheless, high-ranking guests were obliged like GZA by the Wu Tang Clan, Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian, and Shabazz The Disciple for this album. Up next there will be two guestappearances with the German productionteam Snowgoons who are also responsible for the official remix of "GOD". Jus Allah is more focused than ever and is already constantly working on new material.

Listen to these tracks:

Zac Hendrix

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Zac HendrixZac Hendrix is an exciting DJ/producer from the Seattle-area who has been showcasing his diverse talents for several years on both a local and international level. As a founding member of the influental progressive HipHop group Insult2Injury he has captivated audiences and fellow musicians alike with his complex musical arrangements and an unusually expressive scratching ability.

He is currently the DJ for Del tha Funkee Homosapien (Hieroglyphics/Gorillaz) and BukueOne (Esoteks/SubverseMusic) as well. Zac (a.k.a. The BigZee!) applies what he's learned from being a HipHop DJ and producer to his work with his other favorite genres of music (funk, fusion, reggae, dub, rock, electro, jazz, and many others), all of which he discovered as a result of his initial love for HipHop music that started at a very early age in the mid-eighties. Now Zac proudly carries on the tradition of seamlessly fusing the best parts of many different kinds of music together to make something new.

He lives to create and is determined to spread love and a positive message of hope as far as it will go.

Over the years, he's built up loads of experience in every aspect of djing that there is. Zac's ability to improvise when mixing sets of music together in a solo DJ environment gives him a clear advantage over the majority of DJs when it comes to giving the crowd what they want. His mixtape projects, in which he showcases the best of his 20.000 records, often blur the line between selector and producer and have been recognized as some of the most creative recordings of their kind.

No stranger to the art of "turntablism" (or whatever term you prefer for intensive turntable manipulation), Zac has been innovating in a multi-DJ setting with Insult2Injury and the Cartridge Family since long before it gained the mainstream popularity that it now enjoys. For several years, Zac has been a featured instrumentalist in many Seattle-based funk/fusion bands where he showcases the versatility of the turntable as an instrument. He also gets to demonstrate this at the Experience Music Project in Seattle where he and fellow group member, Leland Jones, teach museum-goers about DJing, the history and origins of HipHop culture, and what it means to be an independant artist.

Zac has appeared with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Mikah9, Blackalicious, Zion I, Souls of Mischief, The X-ecutioners, Gil Scott-Heron, Crazy Legs, The Coup, The Visionaries, Digital Underground, Living Legends, Pharaoh Monch, Pep Love, De La Soul, The Beat Junkies, legendary jazz violinist Michael White, and many others.

He’s touring the United States (with DEL – Hieroglyphics/Gorillaz) and Europe as well as releasing several groundbreaking projects with Insult2Injury, BukueOne, Cat and Stork, and The Cartridge Family.

Audio & Video Files (only work with Real Mediaplayer):

Missile Target (Full Length Mixtape)
(Nice Underground HipHop in the mix)

Pictures Of Home (Snippet)
(Funk, Soul & Jazz Mixtape Vol. 1)

Live at Kerosin-Club, Augsburg-Germany (Video) 
(The BigZee! spinning wax at a club in December 2002)


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Bas-1 is not only a rapper (solo and with Bas Bombing), breaker (member of world renown Style Elements crew), producer (Bas Bombing, Cytoplasmz and Shing02 (Japanese artist on Mary Joy), guest scratch-sentencist (DJ Q-bert, DJ Swamp, DJ RocRaida) he is also a HipHop historian/travelling professor who recently contributed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's exhibit on HipHop!  He incorporates all the elements of hip-hop into his style, flow and music, paying homage to B-BOYS, DJS, BREAKERS and GRAFFITI’s urban bombing legends past and future. Bas-1 (pronounced Boss-swan) is one of hip-hop Culture’s most passionate and respected MC's. Bas-1 was born and bred in the streets of Oakland, California. Bas-1 has had his hand in nearly every part of the hip-hop cultural experience. He got started listening to hip-hop in the late 70's early 80's and was a respected popper and locker in the Oakland and San Francisco scene. By 1985 he was rapping and performing as Mack Reg and MC Bad. He spent a lot of time tagging the streets of the Bay under the names Menace, Blend, and Madphat. By 1989, he was working with Dion Evans (producer for 2Pac), and many other up can coming legends. As he grew in stature among his peers, the world became familiar with the MC known as Bas-1. In 1997 Bas-1 became a member of the Style Elements B-boy crew and he hosts their performances, produces music for their video tapes and performs other duties. This affiliated him with Ghetto Original, a crew composed of some of the most legendary hip-hop performers of our time. He did spot dates as a promoter touring with dancers like Ken Swift, Pop Master Fabel, Wiggles, Zulu Gremlin and DJ Slinkey. Over the years Bas-1 has performed around the world including Japan, Germany, France, Mexico. Bas-1 has been heard on countless mixtapes via DJ break records. The most popular of all is on Dirt Style’s "100mph Backsliding Turkey Kuts", by world renown DJ QBert. He's also been heard on breakbeats by DJ Flare, Swamp, Rhollie Roll and many others. Bas-1 also served as producer, creative consultant, as well as mixed and arranged Japans hottest MC, Shing02 for the album, "Evolution of an MC" EP on Mary Joy label (will be released in early 2002). On-top of MC'ing, Bas DJ's clubs, hosts battles and bombs walls with spraycan art innovator Crayone. Bas and Fanatik met through a local DJ named Rasta Q-Tip.  Fanatik is the musical mastermind behind records by artists like Planet Asia, Azeem, Rasco, Kubiq and Sub Contents.  Bas was trying to get his friend (now label mate) Mic-T a record deal. In the process they realized they too had similar philosophies about Hip Hop. Fanatik and Bas-1 began building a friendship, and artistic synergy that evolved into the groundbreaking album "Bas-1 for the Mentally Astute (Theory of a Throw Up)". This album is the worlds first Elemental LP. An Elemental LP is a genre of hip-hop recordings that make special effort to acknowledge each of the four core elements of Hip-Hop culture (MC'ing, DJ'ing, B-boying and Graffiti). With enough material for a 4xLP and 2xCD, Fanatik and Bas-1 carefully crafted their record to pivot and twist thru 34 tracks keeping things live like a west coast mixtape (i.e. DJ Q-Bert’s Demolition Pumpkin Squeez Preschool Breaks). Each track blends into the next, like a house party jam. Almost every day, Bas-1 would come over to Fanatik’s house to record. Fanatik would play a beat and let Bas freestyle over it until he felt comfortable writing to it. Then, Bas would sit down, write a rap to it and they'd record it. This went on for months. When they were done "Bas-1 for the Mentally Astute (Theory of a Throw Up)" was complete. Like "throw ups" (graffiti pieces) on a wall, a train, a billboard, a truck, a subway, a bridge, a roof, each song of this album is an expression in full color, texture and complexity within the elements of hip-hop and the different environments in which we all live, work and play. Bas-1 is not tight lipped at all about his passion for the culture of hip hop. He embraces it with pride just as Coltrane, Hendrix and John Lee Hooker wholly embraced their mediums of musical expression. "Before most people were into hip-hop" states Bas-1, "I was here contributing to the culture. Long after most of these people are gone, I'll still be here. The truth of the matter is that if you are not listening to Bas-1, chances are, you're not listening to hip-hop – your probably listening to rap music. Come hear the difference."

Link: Bas-1 on MySpace

Mista Sinista

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Mista SinistaAs an 11-year-old, Mista Sinista’s first influence was the sound of his father (a DJ) spinning old breaks in his house. This lead to a natural interest in the art form, and soon the Hip-Hop sounds of Mr. Magic and Kool DJ Red Alert (on New York’s WBLS and KISS FM), captivated the Queens, NY youngster. In February of 1986, Mista Sinista finally saved up enough to get a set of his own Technics turntables. With a set of decks now at his disposal, he spent the next few years practicing religiously and honing his new found talent.
In the summer of 1991, Sinista met Dr. Butcher, a legendary Hip-Hop deejay, who was also from Queens. Asking Mista Sinista about the importance of this relationship, he replied, “Dr. Butcher had skills that were far in advance of anybody I knew at the time”. His new-found mentor took Sinista under his wing and taught him the art of turntablism. With Dr. Butcher’s teaching, Mista Sinista’s skills started to greatly evolve.
In July 1992, when Rob Swift (another student of Dr. Butcher) entered the Northeast DMC Finals, Sinista was on stage aiding him. Rob placed first and Sinista was able to witness first hand what a battle routine was all about. The following year, Mista Sinista who was by now a member of The X-men, also started competing. Coming in as runner up in the 1993 New Music Seminar Battle, and also in the Northeast DMC Finals, Sinista attracted a lot of industry attention. Sinista’s controversial DMC performance (which included the classic “Method Man” routine) led to gigs cutting for and touring the world with Common and The Beatnuts . Throughout the next couple of years, he gained a reputation for being one of the best tour and scratch deejays in the world (check Common’s “Resurrection” LP for some of the best cuts ever recorded on a Hip-Hop album). His work was also highlighted on Fat Joe’s sophomore release, “Jealous One's Envy”. In 1996, Mista Sinista returned to the DMC and took the DMC East Coast title. He also continued his studio work, recording with Al' Tariq of the Beatnuts and his good friend Kukoo. The following year, Sinista rejoined forces with Common for a few tracks on his new album, “One Day It'll All Make Sense". With touring and studio projects in abundance already, Mista Sinista began to partake in the recording of the X-ecutioner’s debut album “X-Pressions” on Asphodel Records. Around the time of this release, some of the X-Men working on X-Pressions, including Sinista, renamed themselves into the X-ecutioners. (Historical note: Not all of the X-ecutioners were originally X-Men and many of the X-Men did not become X-ecutioners). With the critical success of this album, as well as the growing buzz of the crew, the X-ecutioners secured a recording deal on Loud/Sony. “Built From Scratch” was finally released in February 2002, and was viewed as a groundbreaking album for turntablism. Soon after, Mista Sinista left the group to pursue several ventures, including his own solo debut album. The Mista Sinista’s debut album, “Free At Last” was scheduled to be released in Fall, 2002, on HondaRecordings.
This LP showcases Mista Sinista’s creativity and ability to experiment, successfully, with several genres of music. According to Mista Sinista, “There is something on it for everyone, and the project itself will be heartfelt”. The album features joint efforts with some of Hip-Hop’s best emcees and DJs, as well as several cross-genre music collaborations. Look for this seminal release to further raise the bar and to push turntablism toward new heights of creativity. He is also starring in the Cable TV series “ESPIA” in which he was cast in a lead role as a club DJ. Look forward to continued success and more amazing tracks from this talented DJ/Producer….


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Grizu, DJ Illegal, 4Finger Soundsystem, Smatik, Culcha Candela, Downstair Crew, Sko Squad, Kiam77, Bukue One, Don Martin, Fade, Hieroglyphics, Tarestyles