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WE LOVE BASS & GRIZU Shirts out now

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Check our shirtshop at and support the urban underground like we do.


GRIZU Shirts:


I Love My Hood Webshop

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The I Love My Hood webshop by Jase (Kobathletics) is now finally online.
New shirt and hoodie in progress and soon available in the shop.


Show Love

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Orders: i_love_my_hood [at]

Design and Distribution by Jase / Kobathletics


I Love My Hood Campaign

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I LOVE MY HOOD” is not a brand – it´s not about another stupid crew, not about gang banging – it´s not about being in a certain scene or livin in a ghetto – it´s not about being somebody special or what the heck!

But it´s about loving YOUR hood, YOUR family and YOUR friends – it´s about respectin´ and pushin´ your peeps – local bands, artists, d.i.y. brands or just the fella next door.

It´s about creating an independent and self increasing movement without any leaders or stereotypes.

Everybody is welcome (except fascist scum and other wack people)…no matter if you are a dj, mc, breaker, graffiti artist, designer, musician, skater, biker, traceur, hardcore kid, metal head or whatever…

Stand up and start representing….put the “I LOVE MY HOOD CAMPAIGN” logo, banner or just the words on your internet profiles, email signatures, on your creative works, cd covers, graffiti pieces etc…- paint the slogan in your blackbook, scratch it on your desk, prettify your world with thousand colors – shout it out, sing about it or just spread the words!

So go out and show some love for YOUR HOOD! Support all campaign supporters, ´cause they do their thing with commitment… and above all: DO YA OWN THING AND RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT!

This is your LIFE, your HOOD and your LOVE!

There are no barriers…


Join the campaign at

Grizu joins Rohholz Clothing family

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Rohholz Clothing is a new brand for boarders and lifestyleheads.
Art, Rock’n’Roll, and love for all kinds of boardsports (skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding) melt together in heavy combinations of embroideries and printings.
Today our artist Grizu joined the Rohholz Clothing family and received his first set of their individual streetwear-collection.
Check the Rohholz website (in German) for more infos:

Country Toys

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Here’s a short clip filmed at the first local Battle-Of-Toys in Augsburg, when Penta had to battle Augsburg’s very own Stewe. Sound provided by Big Botz, TecRoc and Grizu. The whole event and music was just for the fun of it. So don’t exspect too much.


GBG-Snowcrew: Fame (FilmUp German Finals 2006)

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Augsburg's GangBangGang edited their movie for the German Finals of the FilmUp Amateur Snowboard- & Freeskimoviecontest. Here's the current version: