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Fr. 23.09.2011 Full Clip – Schwarzes Schaf, Augsburg

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Ab 23 Uhr sind die Türen geöffnet und es steigt eine Live Beat Session bei der ein Paar Beatbastler an ihren Geräten jammen und eingeladene MCs dazu freestylen werden.
Bis spätestens 1 Uhr soll diese Session nahtlos in eine Party mit DJs übergehen.
Mit dabei sind neben DJ Illegal (Snowgoons/Goon Musick), der extra aus seiner Wahlheimat Schweden nach Augsburg kommt, Dot (Blindspot), Grizu, Afromaniac, DJ Firststrike (Kopfsport), David Kremer an den Keys und Gast-MCs am Mic.

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Represent the real HipHop in Marburg

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Friday July 17th was the official releasedate of Snowoons – German Snow.
You can buy the album at Mad Flava, MZEE, HHV, Amazon, iTunes Store and other shops.
Back in the days DJ Illegal (Snowgoons) and Grizu have been a wellknown HipHop liveact and know each other since the mid 1990ies. So it has allways been sure that one day there will also be a Snowgoons x Grizu collabo.
On Saturday there will be a German Snow Special at Nachtsalon in Marburg with local DJ AdT and Grizu sharing the turntables. So if you are missing the vibe of the good old days and have a chance to visit the club in Marburg, join us and celebrate a real HipHop Party. You know there aren’t many dates where Grizu is playing HipHop these days.

Snowgoons pres. German Snow

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Album, Mixtape, what ever, this is the real shit!

Check snippet and buy this piece of history at Mad Flava, MZEE or Amazon.

Snowgoons – Black Snow LP

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Preorder the second album of Snowgoons in Germany now and get some goodies.



 Also make sure to check out Videos of the Snowgoons on YouTube. Just click the picture below, sit back, relax, and enjoy.